Prelims cum Mains 2023 (Plans and Packages)

PCM Focus (2023)

1-year course

Total: ₹49000

PCM Smart (2023)

1-year course

Total: ₹59000

PCM Pro (2023)

1-year course

Total: ₹69000

PCM Ultimate (2023) 

1-year course

Total: ₹79000

You will get instant access upon online payment.

Prelims Test Series 2023 (Plans and Packages)

Prelims Test Series 2023

40 Mock Exams + Benefits


Prelims Test Series 2023

5 Mock Exams


UPSC Paper 1 Re-Take

11 Mock Exams


UPSC Paper 2 Re-Take

11 Mock Exams


Why ClearIAS Classes?

Unique Teaching Methodology

ClearIAS is reputed for making complicated subjects simple. We help you learn fast and focused.

Expertise in the field

Established in 2012, ClearIAS is a pioneer in online learning. Many toppers thank ClearIAS for our role in their success.

Personal Mentorship

Personal mentorship under the guidance of Mr Alex Andrews George, founder of ClearIAS and author of best-seller books.

Access to missed classes

Once you join, you will get instant access to all already conducted classes. You will also get automatic access to all upcoming classes.

Not just classes

Our Prelims cum Mains programs also include Personal Mentorship, Study Materials, Prelims Test Series, Mains Test Series, Interview Guidance etc.

Overall Personality Development

The vision of ClearIAS is to create leaders of tomorrow. Our training imparts multi-dimensional skills to help you succeed in life! 


Qn 1) “What are ClearIAS Classes?”

'ClearIAS Classes' are live and recorded classes - provided as part of the ClearIAS Online Classroom Program for IAS/IPS/IFS aspirants.

ClearIAS - one of the most popular online learning platforms in India, visited by more than 1 million aspirants every month - is reputed for the smart work approach to crack UPSC CSE. Over the last 10 years, we have helped hundreds of candidates succeed in various stages of the UPSC Civil Services Examination with flying colours.

ClearIAS Online Classroom Program is a new way of learning that includes live and recorded classes - under the direct guidance of expert faculties and mentors in India for the UPSC Civil Services Examination (CSE). 

Our Prelims cum Mains programs also include Personal Mentorship, Prelims Test Series, Mains Answer Writing Practise (AWP), Mains Test Series, Interview Guidance etc.

PS: For ClearIAS Online Classroom Program, we give admission only to a limited set of serious aspirants. One of our specialities is interactive 2-way classes with personal guidance. If not yet joined, enrol now and start the new way of learning!

Qn 2) "Why ClearIAS Classes?"

There are crucial gaps between the actual requirements of UPSC CSE and the methods followed by many aspirants. Lack of expert guidance has been seriously hampering the chances of many brilliant candidates.

ClearIAS aims to bridge this gap. We believe that proper training and mentorship can make a big difference. It can 10x your chance of success.

ClearIAS - started in 2012 - is one of the most trusted brands with respect to UPSC preparation. Many UPSC toppers thank ClearIAS for our role in their success. Around 1 million aspirants learn from the ClearIAS website every month. 

ClearIAS online learning platform is reputed for our guidance, online notes, videos, books, e-books, mock exams, mains answer writing practice, and interview guidance etc.

"ClearIAS Classes" is started upon the request of many serious aspirants who sought personal guidance from our team.

ClearIAS offers expert training and better features at less than half of the fees charged by many traditional coaching institutes. You can learn online from the comfort of your home.

ClearIAS Team is led by our founder and mentor, Mr Alex Andrews George, the author of best-selling books like 'Important Judgments that transformed India' and 'Important Acts that transformed India'.

The vision of ClearIAS is to create the leaders of tomorrow. We help to find the leader in you.

Qn 3) “How can I join ClearIAS Classes?”

ClearIAS Classes are completely online. You just need to register and log in to this website to attend ClearIAS Classes.

For paid courses (live and recorded), you need to pay the fees to access the online classes. You can make the payment using a debit card, credit card, net banking or UPI apps.

Once joined, you will get access to all previous live classes in the course as recorded classes in your dashboard.
  • You can join now and get instant access to all already uploaded classes in the course.
  • You will get automatic access to upcoming classes, as per the course timetable.
  • You can attend classes at any convenient time before the validity end date.

You can attend ClearIAS Classes on a laptop or mobile. You can also attend ClearIAS Classes using ClearIAS mobile app.

Qn 4) “What are the timings of ClearIAS Classes?”

Classes are conducted mainly on weekdays - from Monday to Friday.

Usually, each class is of approx. 2-3 hour duration. Once joined, you will be intimated about the live class timetable. In case, if you are unable to attend the live class at the mentioned time, you can watch the recorded class.

We will provide recorded videos of the class within 24 hours after the class in your dashboard (website and app). We will also arrange doubt-clearing sessions later for those aspirants who missed the live class.

Note: On the Course page, we may list upcoming classes. We will also inform the students about the next classes using email, SMS, or WhatsApp.

Qn 5) “Apart from the video classes, what are included in the ClearIAS Courses?”

Apart from Video Classes, ClearIAS Courses also includes mock tests, study materials (PDFs), quizzes etc.

However, this also depends on the course in which you are enrolled on.

For the Prelims cum Mains (PCM) Ultimate Batch, we offer Mentorship, Prelims Test Series, Mains Test Series, and Mains Answer Writing Practice (AWP) along with the classes.

For the Prelims Marks Booster (PMB) program, which is a sub-set of the PCM program, the focus is on online classes and online study materials. Prelims Test Series can be bought as a separate package in addition to this.

Online mentorship is a special feature with respect to most of our plans.