Prelims cum Mains 2023 (Plans and Packages)

PCM Focus (2023)

1-year course

Total: ₹49000

PCM Smart (2023)

1-year course

Total: ₹59000

PCM Pro (2023)

1-year course

Total: ₹69000

PCM Ultimate (2023) 

1-year course

Total: ₹79000

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Prelims Test Series 2023 (Plans and Packages)

Prelims Test Series 2023

40 Mock Exams + Benefits


Prelims Test Series 2023

5 Mock Exams


UPSC Paper 1 Re-Take

11 Mock Exams


UPSC Paper 2 Re-Take

11 Mock Exams


Why ClearIAS Classes?

Unique Teaching Methodology

ClearIAS is reputed for making complicated subjects simple. We help you learn fast and focused.

Expertise in the field

Established in 2012, ClearIAS is a pioneer in online learning. Many toppers thank ClearIAS for our role in their success.

Personal Mentorship

Personal mentorship under the guidance of Mr Alex Andrews George, founder of ClearIAS and author of best-seller books.

Access to missed classes

Once you join, you will get instant access to all already conducted classes. You will also get automatic access to all upcoming classes.

Not just classes

Our Prelims cum Mains programs also include Personal Mentorship, Study Materials, Prelims Test Series, Mains Test Series, Interview Guidance etc.

Overall Personality Development

The vision of ClearIAS is to create leaders of tomorrow. Our training imparts multi-dimensional skills to help you succeed in life!